Krys's log
Entry one - The town of Evergree

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we got our orders. The mission was simple: go out, check on established outposts, search for other rangers that may need help, and generally do good.
So far, this trip has been interesting. I never imagined that Bell’s little adventure with my book would have brought Erin Tarn to see us off with a breakfast fit for a king. It’s a memory I will never forget. And that was before we even left.
On a side note, Mrs. Tarn is as humble as she is talented. I hope to someday be half the woman she is.
Our first two days on the trail were somewhat uninteresting. I’m told we saw a minor lay line storm pass along one of the lines during the night. Thankfully, we didn’t see much activity from it while we were traveling. Just some strange fog and light rain.
When we arrive at Evergreen, we were met by the most interesting cyborg I have ever met. Ix seems like an amazing person, but I’ve never seen a centaur with so many cybernetic implants.
Humbolt Humperdink gave us a wonderful welcome to Evergreen. It was a peasant experience until the lay line storm and fog brought in a batch of broadkil. Thankfully, we were able to dispatch them fairly quickly.
I know I’ve been training with my squad, but their abilities still amaze me. Bell in general was awe inspiring. She may be simple in many aspects, but she is a formidable foe. I’m glad she is my friend.
Unfortunately, the town lost nine people, one of which was a child.
The remains of the broadkil were shredded and buried in the cemetery outside of town. Not a pleasant task, but necessary.
I’m worried about what else that storm brought, but I guess we will find out further down the line, but that a thought for later.
As to the town, Hammerfist has done a fine job. The wall seem sound and the fields beyond have plenty of defensive places to hide should the people experience a surprise attach while they are out. The only thing Hammerfist has requested is an assistant, but more help is always wanted out on the front. I will add his request to my report when we return. Now it’s time for bed. We’ll be heading out early tomorrow morning.

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